Monday, September 2, 2013

Modern Civilization: Glaring Lacuna: Indian Coasts and Rivers and Lakes will go fishless with nukes


Fisherfolk to oppose Jaitapur project

Mumbai: Sep 1, 2013 DHNS
Thousands of fisher-folk along the green-ribbon Konkan coastal belt of Maharashtra have decided to intensify their agitation against the proposed 9,900-MW Jaitapur Nuclear Power Project.

Ten to twenty times more money per hectare of priceless land will wean away
the immediate PAPs who lack a perspective of the nuclear energy programmes
worldwide. The tactics of the authorities reveal on their part a malicious
misrepresentation or ignorance of true facts regarding the nuclear programmes.
Energy deficit is the audit of nuke programmes: Year after year they consume
more energy than they deliver to society outside the nuclear industry.This
necessitates more and more coal fired electricity and energy and consequently
more and more hydro power to be diverted to feed the nuclear energy programme.
This will be fate of the enterprise even thirty years from now! Moreover
the Montecs, Manmohans, Modis and the nuclear musketeers
will despoil all our coasts with ultramegawatt coal fired ash ponds and
decimate all our forests and fertile lands with
hydroplants required to stabilise the grid supply. Studies scientifically
show that the world will be burning coal twice as fast as now and consume
water with double the capacity of hydroplants as now! My research shows that
hydrodams are causing severe monsoon rains, the latest casualty of which
was the Kedar Dome and Kedarnath Valley and other parts of Uttarkahnd.The
dams are carrying the attack to the once considered invincible Himalayan peaks!
And all along the history of modern civilization we see the surge waves of
forces and water moments of the dams emanating from their centre of gravity
wreaking havoc of Himalayan proportions on nuclear installations.Analyses
show that we must apply the precautionary principle to stop the
cumulative effects of modern civilization from destroying all life:
The world's dams are responsible for the nuclear waste storage explosion
at Kyshtym(1957), the Windscale Plutonium producing nuclear reactor's fire
in 1957, the Chernobyl explosion(1986), the Narora Fire(1993),
the explosion of the Kursk nuclear submarine in the Barents Sea(2000),
the Bhuj damquake(2001), the Kashiwasaki Kariwa Nuclear PARK damages(2007),
the Fukushima explosion and triple reactor meltdown extinction level
ongoing event(2011) slated to cause billions of infant mortality,
the Sindhurakshak submarine explosion(2013) and many other disasters.
Many of these disasters have resulted in millions of hectares of priceless
land radioactive, and still unfit for living beings for many centuries.
The nuclear electricity programme of India alone is estimated to
result in 40 Bhopals a year through fatal cancers!(One Bhopal is 2000
immediate deaths). All this sacrifice of land for what? No nuclear energy
to society outside the nuclear industry!
Google search for energy audit of the indian nuclear programme for the
scam, the biggest of all time.The true cost of energy from nukes is
infinity both in terms of health and electricity.Individual rights
must take precedence over nuke cycles.Life is infinitely superior

Where is the space for any nukes to operate: See

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