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Safety cannot be assured in nuclear energy programs, n-wastes cannot be isolated.
R. Ashok Kumar, B.E.,M.E,Negentropist, Bombay Sarvodaya Mandal, 299, Tardeo Road, Nana Chowk, Mumbai-400007.
Copyright (C) 2014 Ramaswami Ashok Kumar

India's Deep Geological Repository For Radioactive Wastes (DGRRW)
Coming up In Idukki- Theni portion Of The Western Ghats
By VT Padmanabhan, Leslie Augustine & Joseph Makkolil

In April 2010, around the time INO's Pottipuram site was finally decided and informal approval from the Central Ministry of Environment was received, IMSc submitted a project application to the Tamil Nadu State Enivironmental Impact Assessment Authority's (TN SEIAA). We presume that the plant in question is a 'Deep Geological Repository' (DGR) for storing high-level radioactive waste from nuclear reactors that the DAE officials have been talking about during the past couple of years

And Re:

Commentary and discussion of extreme hazards posed by the repository

Apart from reservoir induced seismicity, there is the phenomenon of cumulative effects of reservoirs.
The cumulative effect of dams acts at the centre of gravity of the water masses behind the world’s
dams, today located at approximately Latitude 25, Longitude 108. The cumulative effect is initiated by the total weight of the water behind all the world’s dams. The combined weight changes from instant to instant, depending upon the world’s water demands due to various uses like electricity, agriculture, drinking water use, industrial and other uses in civilization like washing cars and so on. At any instant, this water demand can be as high as 106 BCM(billion cubic meters)(ball park estimate) in a total world reservoir capacity of say 8100 BCM. This is a water pressure head instantaneous change of 106117 km or 11993 Mount Everests! The important point to note here is that all this is converted to an instantaneous surge S of water moment of 342x10^19.05 N-m that may be applied in toto at the
Idukki Waste Repository(9.8138,76.9297) which is 3695 km from the centre of gravity of the world's dams. This may transform into an earthquake at that point to the extent of 20% of this water moment( or total stress) or an earthquake of moment magnitude 7.89 MM or a much smaller magnitude earthquake. But the entire surge S applied at the repository is equivalent to an earthquake of magnitude 8.4 MM. This may cause the nuclear wastes to explode and escape to the biosphere This is what happened, for example, at Kyshtym on 29 September 1957 when the
nuclear wastes exploded. And at Waste Isolation Pilot Plant(WIPP) at New Mexico in February
2014(1). In both instances the catastrophes are ongoing. Of course when an enormous dam surge occurred at Fukushima a triple core meltdown occurred and disappeared and much much more is continuing at Fukushima(2).

Comparison of the Idukki N.Waste Depository’s extreme danger with the Oso, Arlington Mudslide of 22 March 2014 and the Tirumala Foothills Forest Fire of 1 March 2014

We tabulate the results for the three studies:

A report:
The Oso landslide occurred in between two earthquakes:

The Tirumala fire also began between two quakes elsewhere and continued along with a number of  quakes.

The dam content change of 106 BCM is common antecedent to all three studies.
In Oso this dam content change resulted in the surge equivalent to a great earthquake of magnitude 8.7 MM to result in a small 2.9 MM magnitude earthquake, at 26 km depth a day prior to the landslide but the surge itself acted on the hill and brought it down on 22 March 2014 killing many.
At Tirumala foothills this 106 BCM change resulted in a raging forest fire which destroyed hundreds of acres of rich temple forests.
So such a totalised instantaneous change in the world’s reservoir contents may cause havoc to the deep repository of nuclear wastes as well. 
These examples show that the cause of the catastorphes is the instantaneous worldwide dam content change.


1. Carlsbad New Mexico WIPP Truck Fire 5 February 2014 at
2. The World’s dams are causing Extinction with the Perfect Disappearance of 2028 MW Triple Cores at Fukushima at

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By R. Ashok Kumar, B.E.,M.E(Power), Negentropist, Bombay Sarvodaya Mandal, 299, Tardeo Road, Nana Chowk, Mumbai-400007.
(C) Copyright 2014 Ramaswami Ashok Kumar
The excruciating anonymity of the clueless nature of the miss leaves the process of long distance air transportation with infinite uncertainties(two in less than 5 years: Air France 447,Boeing 777200ER, Malaysian Airlines, about 500 families affected). Especially within the framework of modern civilization(mc) based on imperfect knowledge within apparently unconnected specializations. But for one situated in a normal framework which views everything as interconnected and inseparable, the extremely catastrophic cumulative effects  of parts of mc on on another immediately suggests possible scenarios unthinkable in mc. Carefully study the fact that surge waves caused by dams may have hit the plane and caused it to be sucked by a gigantic instantaneous fluid vortex at 1:08, a minute after radio contact was lost at 1:07. Read the discussion at
This damage might have caused the plane to have been sucked to the bottom of the sea at the junction of the northern and the southern arcs theorised by the investigators.
In view of the fact of dam surge effects continuously present, citizens may carefully consider avoiding long distance air transport, by the application of the precautionary principle and urge the authorities to base their investigations and designs on TRUE KNOWLEDGE.
R. Ashok Kumar, B.E.,M.E(Power), Negentropist, Bombay Sarvodaya Mandal, 299, Tardeo Road, Nana Chowk, Mumbai-400007.

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Farmer suicides are designed by modern civilization

"For many years the government and the society have not been able to handle the problem of farmers’ suicides. In the last two decades 2.5 lakh farmers have committed suicide because of crop losses, harassment by creditors and similar reasons, plunging whole families to doom. The governments’ claim that the farmers’ suicide rate is not higher than the general suicide rate is wrong.

The reasons are complex, with many psychological, social and economic factors playing into the situations, which also vary from place to place. Basically the problems and uncertainties that attend agriculture are at the root of the malady. Strengthening and expanding insurance coverage of crops, which is very ineffective now, can help to some extent. This needs to be paid more attention to. "
What kind of a governance is this that allows mass suicides? Analysis: The giant cumulative effects of dams are the cause via direct heating up of the earth causing climate change. This is a component of modern civilization(mc) which itself is committing suicide because these cumulative effects are continuously acting giant waves hitting vital parts of mc resulting in its destruction. Listen to Mahatma Gandhi(1908) in Hind Swaraj: Given enough time mc will destroy itself. Solution: Plant and nurture forests(an activity for thousands of years). Trees act like giant pumps and beat gravity. Read more at Reforest Mother Earth to Live!

1. Vishwas Patil and Keerti Ramachandra.2014. a dirge for the dammed.  hachetteindia.
2. R. Ashok Kumar.2009. dams cause climate change at
3. R. Ashok Kumar.2008. Reforest Mother Earth to Live! at   

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The Landing Gear Fire of Airbus of Indigo Airliner on 8 March 2014 may be due to dams.

Damming of rivers is causing the death of modern civilization by suicide.

The latest in the long list of suicidal attempts has been the landing gear catching fire after an Airbus 320 Indigo airliner 'safely' landed at Kathmandu airport. See table

The sequence
  1. As dam surge passed from the damquake at Dominican Republic Region to that at Vanuatu it hit on its way Kathmandu at 12:36:26 hrs local time, three minutes after landing. This may be the cause of the fire.See for time of landing:

See the hotspots around Kathmandu at the time of the occurrence:

Total number of fires detected : 19
 27.452  83.894    2014-03-07    05:20    314.2   50    1.2  1.1    T    5.0    300.1    12.9 
 26.258  83.65    2014-03-07    05:20    314.1   60    1.2  1.1    T    5.0    296.9    16.0 
 26.72  84.276    2014-03-08    07:40    315.5   64    1.0  1.0    A    5.0    299.5    11.3 
 26.729  84.275    2014-03-08    07:40    310.3   20    1.0  1.0    A    5.0    299.4    6.0 
 26.985  85.684    2014-03-08    07:40    321.5   74    1.0  1.0    A    5.0    306.8    13.0 

 Application of true knowledge scientifically shows that the cumulative effects of  dams is the cause or one of the causes of the repeatedly occurring phenomenon. See
In the latter link see all the essays.
Belief in the truth of a law increases in direct proportion to the number of successful instances of the law.
Trees are the infinitely superior design, not dams. Only God Almighty can make a tree. Check out
Reforest Mother Earth to Live! The link:


© 2017 Ramaswami Ashok Kumar

A new analysis of airplane crashes due to dams.
A New Analysis assuming that the plane is subject to dam surges the moment it takes off to the time of landing. On this basis the following Table of Timeline of events is drawn up:
In this Table the dam content change as it occurs and the data on the damquake and the vertical plane acceleration  resulting from this is interposed. Whenever a force application on the plane by the dam content change is significant(resulting in several g's of acceleration), an abnormality in status of the plane is seen and inferred as plausible to occur.  

 Flt from: Kuala Lumpur International Airport(Latitude = 3.1390, Longitude = 101.6869 )

The last known position of MH370 before it disappeared off the radar was 065515 North (latitude) and 1033443 East (longitude). 

There is nothing more tragic than ignorance in action.

There is true knowledge: To see one changeless life in all the lives, in the separate the one inseparable.
There is imperfect knowledge:  To see the separate existences apart and to hold that to be true.
There is false knowledge: To cling to one as if it were all, heedless of the harm, narrow, dull and dark.

The offering in return, which causes the genesis and support of beings, is called Karma.

The Gita

Elapsed (HH:MM)

Time      Event



1:52 prior             7 March                Captain Zaharie Ahmad Shah[10][11] signs in for duty.[12]:1
                22:50     14:50    UTC
1:28 prior             23:15     15:15     First Officer Fariq Abdul Hamid[10][11] signs in for duty.[12]:1
00:42 prior           8 March                16:00     The aircraft's SDU logs onto the Inmarsat satellite communication network.[13]:3
00:13 prior           00:27     16:27     ATC gives Flight 370 clearance to push back from the gate.[12]:1
00:01:23 prior     00:40:37               16:40:37               ATC gives Flight 370 clearance to take off.[12]:1
00:00     00:42     16:42     Flight 370 takes off from runway 32R at Kuala Lumpur International Airport(Latitude = 3.1390, Longitude = 101.6869 )[12]:1
00:01     00:42:53               16:42:53               ATC gives Flight 370 clearance to climb to Flight Level 180, approximately 18,000 ft (5,500 m)[b] and proceed directly to waypoint IGARI.[12]:1
00:04     00:46:39               16:46:39               Flight 370 is transferred from the airport's ATC to Lumpur Radar ATC.[12]:2 Both the airport and Lumpur Radar ATC are based at the Kuala Lumpur Area Control Centre (KL ACC).[12]:87–95
00:05     00:46:58               16:46:58               ATC gives Flight 370 clearance to climb to Flight Level 250; approximately 25,000 feet (7,600 metres).[12]:2

QN DateTime La La Lo Lo D Mag Type SM CGLa CGLo Dist.,d,km DBCM Force,N Mass,kg Accln,m/s^2 Accln,g's
22352  2014-03-07T16:47:39.890Z 50.987 50.987 179.779 179.779 31.1 2.7 ml 1.12E-06 24.50831 99.49964 7252.87 8.85E-07 8.68E+06 297550 2.92E+01 2.97E+00

00:08     00:50:08               16:50:08               ATC gives Flight 370 clearance to climb to Flight Level 350; approximately 35,000 feet (11,000 metres).[12]:2

00:19     01:01:17               17:01:17               The captain[c] informs ATC that Flight 370 has reached Flight Level 350.[12]:2

00:25     01:07:48               17:07:48               The final data transmission from Flight 370 using the ACARS protocol is made.[12]:1[13]:36

00:25–01:22        01:07:48–02:03:41            17:07:48–18:03:41            The satellite communication link is lost sometime during this period.[13]:36

00:25     01:07:56               17:07:56               The captain confirms that Flight 370 is flying at Flight Level 350.[12]:2

22353  2014-03-07T17:11:49.150Z 13.3847 13.3847 145.9349 145.9349 28.69 4.7 mb 0.001122 24.50776 99.50746 5012.285 0.00128 1.26E+10 297550 42205.99 4302.343

00:37     01:19:30               17:19:30               KL ACC instructs the crew to contact Ho Chi Minh ACC (HCM ACC). The aircraft passes waypoint IGARI as the captain replies, "Good night. Malaysian three seven zero." This is the final voice contact with Flight 370.[12]:2

00:39     01:21:13               17:21:13               The position symbol of Flight 370 disappears from KL ACC radar, indicating the aircraft's transponder is no longer functioning.[12]:2 Malaysian military radar continues to track the aircraft, which "almost immediately"[12]:3 begins a turn to the left until it is travelling in a south-westerly direction.[12]:3

Earthquake density in the vicinity 2012-03-07 to 2014-03-07

00:48     01:30     17:30     Voice contact is attempted by another aircraft at the request of HCM ACC; mumbling and radio static are heard in reply.[14]

22355  2014-03-07T17:31:41.200Z 12.27 12.27 -70 -70 23.6 3 mwr 3.16E-06 24.50773 99.50172 15769.75 1.15E-06 11249820 297550 37.80817 3.854043

00:55     01:37     17:37     An expected half-hourly ACARS data transmission is not received.[15]

00:56     01:39     17:38     HCM ACC contacts KL ACC to inquire about Flight 370. HCM ACC says verbal contact was not established and Flight 370 disappeared from its radar screens near waypoint BITOD. KL ACC responds that Flight 370 did not return to its frequency after passing waypoint IGARI.[12]:2[16]

22357  2014-03-07T17:43:56.190Z 36.7809 36.7809 21.6498 21.6498 15.13 4.5 mb 0.000562 24.50649 99.49923 7373.566 0.000436 4.28E+09 297550 14379.12 1465.761

01:04     01:46     17:46     HCM ACC contacts KL ACC and informs them that radar contact with Flight 370 was established near IGARI but lost near BITOD and that verbal contact was never established.[16]

01:15     01:57     17:57     HCM ACC informs KL ACC there was no contact with Flight 370, despite attempts on many frequencies and aircraft in the vicinity.[16]

22358 2014-03-07T17:58:31.540Z 35.9495 35.9495 -117.303 -117.303 7.19 3.13 ml 4.95E-06 24.50585 99.49656 12260.61 2.31E-06 2.27E+07 297550 7.62E+01 7.77E+00

01:21     02:03:41               18:03:41               Malaysia Airlines dispatch centre sends a message to the cockpit instructing pilots to contact Vietnam ATC, to which there is no response.[17] A ground-to-aircraft ACARS data request, transmitted from the ground station multiple times between 02:03–02:05, was not acknowledged by the aircraft's satellite data unit.[13]:36–39

01:21     02:03:48               18:03:48               KL ACC contacts HCM ACC and relays information from Malaysia Airlines' operations centre that Flight 370 is in Cambodian airspace.[16]

22359  2014-03-07T18:09:09.370Z -23.1428 -23.1428 -179.561 -179.561 555.76 4.5 mb 0.000562 24.50709 99.49564 10207.14 0.000315 3.09E+09 297550 10387.37 1058.856

01:33     02:15     18:15     KL ACC queries Malaysia Airlines' operations centre, which replies that it is able to exchange signals with Flight 370, which is in Cambodian airspace.[16]

01:36     02:18     18:18     KL ACC contacts HCM ACC asking them whether Flight 370 was supposed to enter Cambodian airspace. HCM ACC replies that Flight 370's planned route did not take it into Cambodian airspace and that they had checked; Cambodia had no information about, or contact with, Flight 370.[16]

22360  2014-03-07T18:20:12.800Z 19.1429 19.1429 -67.3251 -67.3251 35 3 Md 3.16E-06 24.50627 99.49156 14955.86 1.21E-06 1.19E+07 297550 3.99E+01 4.06E+00

01:40     02:22     18:22     The last primary radar contact is made by the Malaysian military, 200 nautical miles (370 km; 230 mi) north-west of Penang,  6°49′38″N 97°43′15″E 6.82722°N 97.72083°E[18]:3

01:43     02:25     18:25     A "log-on request" is sent by the aircraft on its satellite communication link to the Inmarsat satellite communications network. The link is re-established after being lost for between 22 and 68 minutes.[13]:39[18]:18 This communication is sometimes erroneously referred to as the first hourly "handshake" after the flight's disappearing from radar.[19][20]

01:52     02:34     18:34     KL ACC queries Malaysia Airlines' operations centre about communication status with Flight 370, but it was not sure whether a message sent to Flight 370 was successful.[16]

22361  2014-03-07T18:34:20.870Z 35.6111 35.6111 140.5515 140.5515 23.94 4.8 mb 0.001585 24.50561 99.49973 4106.323 0.002207 2.17E+10 297550 72770.76 7418.019

01:53     02:35     18:35     Malaysia Airlines' operations centre informs KL ACC that Flight 370 is in a normal condition based on signals from the aircraft located at  14°54′00″N 109°15′00″E14.90000°N 109.25000°E (Northern Vietnam) at 18:33 UTC. KL ACC relays this information to HCM ACC.[16]

01:57     02:39     18:39     A ground-to-aircraft telephone call, via the aircraft's satellite link, goes unanswered.[13]:40[18]:18

02:48     03:30     19:30     Malaysia Airlines' operations centre informs KL ACC that position information was based on flight projection and is not reliable for aircraft tracking. Between 03:30 and 04:25, KL and HCM ACCs query Chinese air traffic control.[16]
02:59     03:41     19:41     Hourly, automated handshake between the aircraft and the Inmarsat satellite communication network.[13]:40
03:59     04:41     20:41     Hourly, automated handshake between the aircraft and the Inmarsat satellite communication network.[13]:40
04:27     05:09     21:09     Singapore ACC queried for information about Flight 370.[16]

22373  2014-03-07T21:23:22.680Z -6.2815 -6.2815 147.8283 147.8283 43.35 5.1 mb 0.004467 24.50931 99.51492 6250.606 0.004087 40091092084 297550 134737.3 13734.69

04:59     05:41     21:41     Hourly, automated handshake between the aircraft and the Inmarsat satellite communication network.[13]:40

05:48     06:30     22:30     Flight 370 misses its scheduled arrival at Beijing Capital International Airport.

05:50     06:32     22:32     The Kuala Lumpur Aeronautical Rescue Coordination Centre (ARCC) is activated.[12]:2
05:59     06:41     22:41     Hourly, automated handshake between the aircraft and the Inmarsat satellite communication network.[13]:40

22379  2014-03-07T22:50:07.140Z -54.357 -54.357 140.045 140.045 10.68 4.2 mb 0.0002 24.50825 99.50785 9587.706 0.000119 1167494374 297550 3923.691 399.9685

06:31     07:13     23:13     A ground-to-aircraft telephone call placed by Malaysia Airlines,[17] via the aircraft's satellite link, goes unanswered.[13]:40[18]:18

06:42     07:24     23:24     Malaysia Airlines issues a press statement announcing that Flight 370 is missing.[10]

22388  2014-03-07T23:52:18.600Z -9.6744 -9.6744 108.4193 108.4193 34.05 4.1 mb 0.000141 24.50379 99.48745 3922.105 2.06E-04 2.02E+09 297550 6.79E+03 6.92E+02

22390  2014-03-08T00:07:36.290Z -24.3781 -24.3781 -67.0385 -67.0385 164.3 4.5 mb 0.000562 24.50558 99.48586 18651.46 1.72E-04 1.69E+09 297550 5.68E+03 5.79E+02

07:29     08:11     8 March                The last successful automated hourly handshake is made with the Inmarsat satellite communication network.[13]:41[19]


07:37     08:19:29               00:19:29               The aircraft send a "log-on request" (sometimes referred to as a "partial handshake") to the satellite.[21][22] Investigators believe this follows a power failure between the time the engines stopping due to fuel exhaustion and the emergency power generator starting.[13]:41[18]:18, 33

07:37     08:19:37               00:19:37               Following a response from the ground station, the aircraft replies with a "log-on acknowledgement" message at 08:19:37.443. This is the final transmission received from Flight 370.[13]:41[18]:18

  22391  2014-03-08T00:44:08.420Z -39.0445 -39.0445 -91.8991 -91.8991 10 4.4 mb 0.000398 24.50853 99.49043 18076.72 0.000126 1235520877 297550 4152.313 423.2735

22393  2014-03-08T00:55:19.200Z 19.6245 19.6245 -67.879 -67.879 12 3.3 Md 8.91E-06 24.50411 99.47847 14920.88 3.42E-06 33510093.13 297550 112.62 11.48013
22394  2014-03-08T01:13:09.790Z 2.3862 2.3862 128.1896 128.1896 63.36 4.1 mb 0.000141 24.50438 99.46818 3942.61 2.05E-04 2.01E+09 297550 6.76E+03 6.89E+02

08:33     09:15     01:15     The aircraft does not respond to an hourly, automated handshake attempt.[13]:41[19]
The last known position of MH370 before it disappeared off the radar was 065515 North (latitude) and 1033443 East (longitude).

The common antecedents, dam content changes, to a phenomenon, namely the crash following dam content changes is scientifically, the cause or the main cause of the phenomenon.


 The previous analysis:

 Those required to fly should consider these aspects of modern civilization(MC): MC considers its various sectors non-interacting. This is false. That is why the authorities are clueless in order to investigate the complete disappearance of the Malaysian Boeing plane. The similarity and the differences between the Air France Airbus 300 disappearance and this is striking and the authorities will do justice to air travel if they accept truth that dams of the world through their surge waves can affect the performance of the plane adversely. They may check out the novel analysis at

See Table WM :

The Crash in the South China Sea of the Boeing 777-200ER Airliner on a flight (MH370) from Kaula Lumpur to Beijing on 7th March 2014 at 1840 hrs UTC: Dams of the world the probable cause.

See the link:

See the table below:

See the table (B777220ERCRASH) above, the hotspots in the Web Fire Map(NASA) and  the story will emerge of the predictable tragedy,  as would be described by induction. See Collaterals of Climate Change.

The sequence :

  1. The dam surge passed from the damquake off the east coast of Honshu Japan to the damquake at Caucasus region of Russia and crossed the South China Sea crash area at 1842 hrs on 7th March 2014. The hotspot map shows that the wind probably abruptly changed from extreme winds against the Boeing to extreme winds in the direction of travel of the Boeing and this was probably beyond the design basis envelope. The hotspot map shows the dense cluster of hotspots in the Malaysia and Vietnam regions. It is possible that instantaneously a wind vortex occurred at the crucial point of abrupt wind direction change right till the bottom of the sea at this location due to the dams sucking the plane intact to the sea bottom.THIS SUGGESTS DIVERS MUST INVESTIGATE THE SEA BOTTOM AT THIS LOCATION(locations 8.3, 103.984 and 6.5515,103.3443). This rings a bell: See the Air France June 1 2009 disaster when the plane dived into the Atlantic.
  2. The belief in the strength of the truth of a law increases in direct proportion to the number of successful instances of the law.
     3.  See the 100% success rate of The Dammed Law at Collaterals of Climate Change and at       Glaring Lacuna in meeting water needs.
4.  Note that some think that the plane disappeared from the radar one hour after take off(or at 1730 UTC).
Of course even at this time the surge wave effect of all the dams of the world put together still was being exerted and even now this phenomenon is taking place. See the table below:

See the new developments at
'The lack of a radio call “suggests something very sudden and very violent happened,” said William Waldock, who teaches accident investigation at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University in Prescott, Ariz.'
This statement adds to lack of information but seems reminiscent of Air France sudden disappearance on June 1 2009 over the Atlantic. But the info on persons with stolen passports is vital. The hunt for the wreck becomes one of the top priorities. The instantaneous infinite gradient in the state of the plane, before and after
both in the Air France and in the Malaysian planes, brought about by dams seems to be the cause as of now for the two disasters. Note that the hotspots in the Web Fire Mapper in both instances were persistently intense. Were the suspect persons in the plane in the know of this fact like those informed pilots in the WTC attack? 
See also
Note radio contact lost is not the same thing as disappearing from radar which was reported by Al Jazeera as two hours after the flight took off.
The last known position of MH370 before it disappeared off the radar was 065515 North (latitude) and 1033443 East (longitude). See link:
Note that the tables above use a slightly different location estimate which still does not alter the results.
See also:
"In its directive the FAA, which is responsible for supervising the safety of American-made aircraft such as Boeing, told airlines to look out for corrosion under the fuselage skin.(Definition of fuslage:The central body of an aircraft, to which the wings and tail assembly are attached and which accommodates the crew, passengers, and cargo).
This, the FAA said, could lead to a situation where the fuselage was compromised leading to possible rapid decompression as well as the plane breaking up.
"We received a report of cracking and corrosion in the fuselage skin underneath the SATCOM antenna adapter," the FAA warned. "During a maintenance planning data inspection, one operator reported a 16-inch crack under the 3-bay SATCOM antenna adapter plate in the crown skin of the fuselage on an aeroplane that was 14 years old with approximately 14,000 total flight cycles."
The area is vital for the anaysis advanced above in my study. See
But it was in air for 4 hours after last contact!
And see the comments:
Some interesting talk:
serenity449 wrote:
Man on oil rig gave exact location with accurate instrumentation and was ignored. He is indicating the same area I marked on my map to begin with. Southwest of the tip of South Vietnam. On the way to Ho Chi Men City.
Mar 12, 2014 11:31pm EDT

Malaysian plane may have flown hours after losing contact: WSJ

serenity449 wrote:
Man on oil rig gave exact location with accurate instrumentation and was ignored. He is indicating the same area I marked on my map to begin with. Southwest of the tip of South Vietnam. On the way to Ho Chi Men City.
Mar 12, 2014 11:31pm EDT  --  Report as abuse
dd606 wrote:
More political games and rivalry BS… These nations should be ashamed at how they’re handling this.
Mar 12, 2014 12:56am EDT  --  Report as abuse
Yamayoko wrote:
Strange but stupid, why didn’t Malaysia request US gov to conduct search by submarines?
Mar 13, 2014 1:46am EDT  --  Report as abuse
ImaOjibwa wrote:
Maybe no submarines because none of the ships underwater sonar came up with any unusual objects on the seafloor in addition to the lack of debris on the ocean surface that would indicate any sort of tragedy had occurred?
Mar 13, 2014 3:14am EDT  --  Report as abuse
ImaOjibwa wrote:
Maybe no submarines because none of the ships underwater sonar came up with any unusual objects on the seafloor in addition to the lack of debris on the ocean surface that would indicate any sort of tragedy had occurred?
Mar 13, 2014 3:14am EDT  --  Report as abuse
beerpatzer wrote:
I told you it was the aliens! Wake up, sheeple! They’re after us next!!!
Mar 13, 2014 4:37am EDT  --  Report as abuse
beerpatzer wrote:
I told you it was the aliens! Wake up, sheeple! They’re after us next!!!
Mar 13, 2014 4:37am EDT  --  Report as abuse
If the airliner lost pressurization, the crew and passengers might have blacked out; if the plane was on auto-pilot, it could have flown for hours as the unconscious people inside slowly froze to death… if this is the case, the wreckage could be located thousands of miles away from the search area… the wreckage may never be found.
Mar 13, 2014 5:30am EDT  --  Report as abuse
FRPSR wrote:
The loss of communication with the giant airliner makes a loss of cabin pressure very likely . In lieu of any simple reasonable explanation for the mysterious disaster of losing a plane filled with people , little else answers for the odd loss of contact and disappearance .
With perhaps the most sophisticated piece of domestic hardware and software available , all that remains is to answer why this was an achievable to end so many lives . The consequence of cabin pressure cannot have eluded engineers , or pragmatic cost control personnel the years of development . However obvious the complaint , without any material evidence to bring the matter to a court of law , my guess is the simplest solution will be to not know .
Mar 13, 2014 5:43am EDT 
Thus the airship may still be at that location at bottom of sea.
This puts last contact at 1:07 local when it was normal. This is 17:07 on 7 March 2014 UTC. As per my second of two tables B777220ERCRASH, the dam surge struck at 17:08:40.24 UTC or a minute and forty scconds after last officially declared contact with MH370.
And look at this new newsreport
Source: Flight 370's altitude dropped after sharp turn
By Sara Sidner, Catherine E. Shoichet and Evan Perez, CNN
March 24, 2014 -- Updated 0225 GMT (1025 HKT)
Source: Flight 370's altitude dropped after sharp turnBy Sara Sidner, Catherine E. Shoichet and Evan Perez, CNNMarch 24, 2014 -- Updated 0225 GMT (1025 HKT)
"Military radar tracking shows that the aircraft changed altitude after making a sharp turn over the South China Sea as it headed toward the Strait of Malacca, a source close to the investigation into the missing flight told CNN. The plane flew as low as 12,000 feet at some point before it disappeared from radar, according to the source.
The sharp turn seemed to be intentional, the source said, because executing it would have taken the Boeing 777 two minutes -- a time period during which the pilot or co-pilot could have sent an emergency signal if there had been a fire or other emergency onboard.

Authorities say the plane didn't send any emergency signals, though some analysts say it's still unclear whether the pilots tried but weren't able to communicate because of a catastrophic failure."
See in this connection:
The sharp turn and the altitude drop,however,  is consistent with my theory above of the wind vortex (caused by dams) sucking the plane intact to the bottom of the sea. But that satellite data analysis according to Malaysian PM 's announcement on 24 Mar 2014 show that the plan flew hours thereafter and crashed in the South Indian Ocean West of Perth. It is quite possible that the sucking action did not last that long to drag the plane to the sea bottom but only to a lower altitude. Thus the plane was on auto pilot after the damage and flew to this location on its own till the fuel lasted. Hope the plane evidence analysis finally will bear out the truth. Also one cannot unilaterally jump to a conclusion that a  change of course was an act done manually in view of the dam surge effect coming into play.
See Table AF 447:

We note that for AF 447, the stall moment or stress is an order of magnitude more! The archimedean lever is an order of magnitude higher(14400 km(Table AF 447) vs 1911 km(Table WM)) .The ball park estimate of the total world reservoir content change is almost the same(104 BCM, AF 447 vs 106, MH 370). This suggests an explanation why the two events are seen to differ. The order of magnitude less vortex moment on MH 370 allowed the plane to drop from 35000 feet to say 12500 feet and the auto pilot doing the rest- taking the plane to 45000 ft  and then to 12500 feet and so on and the journey blindly going on for hours.

The AF 447 was caught between two damquakes like MH370:

Note that the difference between the official crash time of AF 447  and the dam surge arrival time at the AF crash site is 3.8%!
Ominously the time of last radio contact of MH 370, 17:07 UTC and the arrival of the dam surge at the assumed location of the plane at that time is 17:08:40.24 UTC.  Of course there is the other contact at 18:40 UTC and there also the plane MH 370 was caught between two damquakes and the surge arrived there at 1842 UTC!(Tables B777220ERCRASH above).
These are scientifically credible in a normal civilization which does recognise the truth that dams are exerting cumulative effects on parts of modern civilization including on the dams themselves infinitely beyond the generic design envelopes!  

And now this:
And this: 
An oil rig worker's  mail:
Now this: Mar 14 2014:
And confirmation of my thesis here:
The terrific anonymity in the designs of modern civilization which refuses to look at things from a true knowledge perspective limits the human condition to suffer the ignominy of a degraded inferior design.
Latest: Hijack?
March 16 2014:
Aircraft may have sent sat signals from ground!
The georesonance group on 1 May 2014 seems to have spotted wrekage of a plane in the indo bangla bay of bengal area: In this connection see a techie's satellite map of a low flying airplane in the area off Andamans in
March as per the india today report above:
News about the geoResonance group's finding:
"We're a large group of scientists, and we were being ignored, and we thought we had a moral obligation to get our findings to the authorities," he told CNN's "New Day" on Tuesday.
GeoResonance's technology was created to search for nuclear, biological and chemical weaponry under the ocean or beneath the earth in bunkers, Pope said.
The company began its search four days after the plane went missing and sent officials initial findings on March 31, Pope said. It followed up with a full report on April 15."

Missing flight pilots refused to fly together: Malaysian minister

Kuala Lumpur, March 16, 2014, (IANS):

The two pilots of the Beijing-bound Malaysia Airlines flight, that went missing March 8, had refused to fly together, Malaysia's acting Transport Minister Hishammuddin Hussein Sunday said citing the airlines authorities.
16 Mar 2014:
Blundering with information:
17 Mar 2014
Missing plane flew low to avoid detection?
Did it fly into taliban control space?
Verify asap:
Maldivian eye witnesses report:
The design of the international air transport process has been found to be at an extremely unacceptable level. This is an unprecedented event? No way. Its only that you stupid specialists are catering to profiteering at the cost of the travellers. Imagine the crime of seeking permission in the midst of this entirely foreseeable tragedy to acquire life and death radar info! And Malaysia has to ask for help from the US for 'special' underwater sensing machines! Its Boeing dammit! And it took ages to determine what went wrong with Air France 447. Its Airbus dammit! Verdammt nochmal. Modern civilization has failed to deliver everywhere. See The complete.profile of Ramaswami Ashok Kumar by google search.
R. Ashok Kumar. 2005. Earthquakes caused by dams

R. Ashok Kumar. 2011.Glaring Lacuna in meeting water needs.

wikipedia info at 

Can this usher in  a marvellous Reunion?

July 30 2015: Newsreport: