Thursday, March 6, 2014

Oh! What a damning damming effect of modern civilization! Suicide with dams.

The just now released long overdue english translation by Keerti Ramachandra of the heartbreaking book Jhadajhadati by Vishwas Patil (hachette,2014) has this about a local forest Devban: "It was believed that if a man as much touched a twig in Devban with an axe, his entire family would be wiped out. That is why this forest had lived and thrived." Now with forests all but wiped out, we all must go on a war footing like the 2014 general elections to regenerate the analogous forests on pain of extinction. The trees in a forest are giant pumps working on osmosis and transpiration and the rays of the sun. At 1000 megawatts per square kilometer of power flow through them like through all living beings and defying gravity of water, they are veritably infinitely superior to dams. They transpire their own weight of water every day! At 15 kg/square meter dry biomass density, they enable life to exist with a diversity of outputs without the horrendous cumulative side effects that are generically built into every dam- direct heating up of the earth, extremes of rain, giant earthquakes and by a nuclear effect causing nuclear reactors to explode and melt, like in Chernobyl and Fukushima. See Glaring lacuna in meeting water needs. Also see Reforest Mother earth to live!(See by google search all the essays there). Hurry and save existing forests and nurture plants forever or perish. March 2014 has come we may see another catastrophe on earth caused by dams.

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