Thursday, February 13, 2014

A Look at the Japanese Nuclear Programme's exercise in futility and the cumulative effect of dams on the nukes.

A typical extremely biased, that is, pronuke article on electricity. This epitomises the deliberate suppression of the real facts of nuclear power. Look at the absurd drama that nuclear energy plays in Japan: Even after five decades from 1956 to 2007, the  electricity delivered to society outside the nuclear industry had fallen short of the cumulative nuclear industry demand to that date! That means the price of nuclear electricity borne by society for five decades was really infinity! Then in July 2007, because of the cumulative effects of the world's dams, the earthquakes at Kashiwasaki Kariwa damaged the nukes there followed swiftly by the Fukushima permanent catastrophe which is engulfing the whole world in a gene pool disaster leading to omnicide. For similar details of the energy audit of nuclear fuel cycles with special reference to the USA see energy audit of nuclear fuel cycles by google search. I do hope statesmanship will prevail to stop this nuclear doom of civilization.
The Energy Audit of Nuclear Fuel Cycles, the link:

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