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TV: “Imminent situation” at U.S. nuclear site — Emergency operations center evacuated due to fire deep underground — “One of most serious incidents” on record — Anonymous footage of thick black smoke coming from ground (VIDEO)

Published: February 6th, 2014 at 9:27 am ET
By ENENews
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KOAT, Feb. 5, 2014: An imminent situation going on right now in Southern New Mexico at Carlsbad. Emergency response crews have activated an emergency plan at WIPP. Here’s what we know right now — shortly after 11am, WIPP’s emergency operations center was evacuated. They tell us an underground vehicle […] was on fire in the underground. […] KOAT Action News is working on getting every detail of this scary situation from Southern New Mexico. We’ll see you tonight. >> Watch the broadcast here
KOAT, Feb. 5, 2014: It’s the nation’s first repository for radioactive waste left behind from research and production of nuclear weapons […] Access to the site is being restricted. The cause of that fire remains under investigation. >> Watch the broadcast here
KOB, Feb. 5, 2014:
KOB anchor: An emergency today at WIPP […] A truck caught fire nearly half mile underground […]
Source: Current Argus
KOB reporter: 6 workers were taken to this hospital in Carlsbad for smoke inhalation […] It was enough to shut down the plant for the rest of this week. […] WIPP spokesperson Roger Nelson says […] these situations can be very dangerous.
Roger Nelson, WIPP spokesman: “These are events that could potentially harm people, our workers as well as it gives us a bad reputation because we appear to have made a mistake. […] Inhalation is the primary hazard with radioactive materials of this nature.”

KOB reporter: Nelson says this is one of the most serious incidents since the plant opened in 1999 […]
Dams the cause of the fire,applying the precautionary principle:

Explanation: The surge waves of the world’s dams were passing through Carlsbad at 17.99915 hrs, from the earthquake at Greece at 175537 to the earthquake at North East Taiwan at 180451. At 1800 hrs UTC, Carlsbad nuclear WIPP site truck caught fire!

WIPP, Carlsbad again in the news:

The Table CARLSBADNWASTELEAK2 shows that by application of the precautionary principle, and holistic science, show that the cumulative effects of the surge waves of the world’s dams are repeatedly causing damages of a totally unacceptable nature to parts of modern civilization, a glaring lacuna in modern civilization’s designs in meeting needs of  its activities. Surge waves are continuously being initiated by modern civilization’s contraptions like dams to destroy modern civilization itself. Here we see the surge waves traveling from the earthquake at Greece at 5:12:23 UTC to the earthquake in the Puerto Rico Region at 6:42:24 UTC when it hit Carlsbad WIPP at 6.2857714 hrs UTC or 6:17:09 hrs UTC and at 6:30 UTC  the leak was reported. Dangerous times, the reenactment of another nuclear waste disposal tragedy like that at Kyshtym way back on September 1957 is certainly due, whether in Sweden or Finland or the USA or anywhere else on the planet. 
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Max Sievert
A grim "Of Special Importance" (highest classification level) report prepared by the Russian State Atomic Energy Corporation (ROSATOM) circulating in the Kremlin warned that the "potentially catastrophic nuclear event" currently unfolding at the US atomic Waste Isolation Pilot Plant (WIPP) near Carlsbad, New Mexico has prompted the White House to begin pre-staging government forces and equipment in the event a large-scale evacuation is needed. According to this report, the United States Department of Energy WIPP is the world's third deep geological repository (after closure of Germany's Repository for radioactive waste Morsleben and the Schacht Asse II Salt Mine) licensed to permanently dispose of transuranic radioactive waste for 10,000 years that is left from the research and production of nuclear weapons, reported. A "highly significant" portion of the nuclear waste being stored at the WIPP, this report continues, was the result of the recently completed 1993 HEU Purchase Agreement between the United States and Russia that saw 500 metric tons of highly enriched uranium (HEU) from nuclear weapons down blended into low-enriched uranium and then sent to America where it was made into fuel for nuclear power plants,….
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