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Forests are the best measure of happiness-Bhutan and the World

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Bhutan possesses the best dams in the world and much much more. They are called trees.  Only God can make a tree. We can be their trustees and agents of God by making happiness grow by preserving them and nurturing them like Bhutan is endeavoring to do.
Table DFE highlights the suicidal effect of deforestation and dams:
The relative risk of earthquakes due to deforestation is 3.68 times the increase in the relative risk of earthquakes due to dams.

Engineered dams- man-made dams are part of modern civilization built on false foundations. By their cumulative effects on modern civilization, man-made dams are causing the suicide of modern civilization. See my complete profile by Google searching for Glaring Lacuna in meeting water needs. My visit to Bhutan last April has confirmed my worst fears regarding the inroads of modern civilization into nature in Bhutan. You may check out my impressions at
See the happiness measure of forests of Bhutan from this map(16 July 2014): floods in Nepal, floods in North East India, Floods in Bangladesh, but serene is Bhutan, heavily forested!

And see here the satellite image for India and Bhutan for 17 July 2014 at 1245 hrs UTC:

Its because of the forests of Bhutan!

In the deepest woods,
lies the heart of our country
A people without forests
is a dying race
that is why
when a tree perishes we grow
another on its grave.


Verse on a Swiss forester's wall
Samuel Mines
The Last Days of Mankind, 1971
page 111

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