Saturday, November 1, 2014

The Boone Dam Sinkhole after the Panama Canal Quake of 29 October 2014.

The Tampa Florida sinkhole tragedy also occurred after an earthquake in the Panama Canal area:
Now the Boone Dam sinkhole seepage below the dam  has occurred:
The world's dams apply enormous surges of water moments at various points on the earth, the power impulse of which in this case was more than 2 million terawatts. See Table capturing my analysis:

Note that the location of the earthquake South of the Panama Canal was identical to that in the Tampa Florida tragedy above. The surges applied by the dams in both instances are comparable-millions of terawatts. For comparison, the entire electrical power capacity of the World is only 6 terawatts!
Now let us get a sense of the depth of the sinkhole

Boone Dam Sinkhole

Es,Energy released by the World's dams(Table above) 1.8163E+18  Nm
Force applied at Boone dam by 255 BCM

world Dam Watercontent change 2.50155E+15  N
Displacement, sinking,m 726.0  m

Mahatma Gandhi having one look at this mess of modern civilization(MC) exclaimed: Given enough time MC will destroy itself(1908). That time constant is of the order of a day!
Better have a look at the Panama canal locks also please.

Now we have on our hands 7 nuclear reactors situated downstream of the Boone Dam.

Quick abandon MC and Reforest Mother earth to Live! Replace dams by trees ecologically and pastures- bring back the ecology by a millennium year program of ecological reforestation and phasing out of dams, stopping nukes and redesigning our ways of life so that it is in harmony with nature.

The Analysis of the sinkhole

As I have pointed out re Sinkholes and specifically re the B-dam, the World's dams are the culprit. See
Excerpt: The world's dams apply enormous surges of water moments at various points on the earth, the power impulse of which in this case was more than 2 million terawatts.
Now let us analyse the direction in which this impulse is applied. When the dams are up to the brim like at the end of the monsoon, the full water pressure head corresponding to this total water content is applied at the centre of gravity of the world's dams. So at the Boone Dam foundation, the water moment due to some 10000 billion cubic meters(BCM) of water or more is applied, direction up(skyward). Now, if this total water content is changed, that is reduced,by a total instantaneous water withdrawal of 250 BCM(present case), there will be a sudden reduction in the water moment at the base of the dam corresponding to this amount. This causes the ground underneath Boone Dam to sink suddenly. The applied impulse power being of the order of two million terawatts, what do you think may be the depth of the sinkhole?! For a sense of the problem note that an applied dam surge of 250 BCM at the sinkhole is some 30000 times the shear modulus of granite of 0.7x10^11 Newtons /sq.m(Pa)..

See also analysis of the Kosi river shift at 
Phase out the modern and go normal. Nature's answer to dams: Trees,pastures,forests.
Reforest Mother earth to Live!


Unknown said...

What would cause an instantaneous water withdrawal of 250 BCM?

Ramaswami Ashok Kumar said...

The data of dams in 2008:
1900-2008 World 29489 dams 8152367.129 MM3 Capacity or 8152 BCM capacity. Water withdrawal due to electricity demand, irrigation and other uses would have caused an average simultaneous instantaneous withdrawal of 0.0085 BCM per dam or a total of 250 BCM from the 29489 dams of the world or 3% of the total world dam capacity of 8152 BCM.

Unknown said...

The MSM is silent on this as they still are on Fukushima, the dams with lakes they support are also what would make difference in the amount of water that would/could sent down river where 7 nuclear plants are in the flood plain & also have not took any steps to protect them from becoming America's Fukushima times 100 million. Browns Ferry hold more than all of the 6 NPP at Fukushima by itself if what the FOIA reports tell. Why is this not being reported?