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The Busehr Nuclear Reactor Damaged by Dams of the World

The World’s Dams Damage the Bushehr Nuclear Reactor in Iran

By Ramaswami Ashok Kumar,B.E.,M.E(Power), Negentropist, Bombay Sarvodaya Mandal, 299, Tardeo Road, Nana Chowk, Mumbai-400007.
8 June 2013
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The water needs of the world that are met by the dams of the world are enough to cause forces and water moments to be exerted by a cumulative total effect, at points on the globe resulting in catastrophic damages to the infrastructure of modern civilization and ultimate death of all life and mutation of genes of all life and thus affecting radically future generations. These also have contributed to the ongoing Chernobyl disaster(April 25 1986), the Narora reactor damage(30th March 1993), the ongoing Kashiwasaki Kariwa nuclear park damage(July 16 2007), the ongoing Fukushima triple meltdown( 11 March 2011) and now the ongoing Bushehr Reactor damage(April to June 2013).
Among the numerous similar ways in which the Bushehr Nuclear Reactor(BNR) may have suffered damage by dams, two instances are detailed below(Table BD):
 (Right Click on the table and view it on a separate tab)
In both instances of earthquake occurrence, the Bushehr Nuclear reactor lies in between the locations of the earthquake pairs. The time of arrival of the surge wave created by the dams is computed by the following equation:
Time of occurrence of the first earthquake(timewise) + {distance between the first quake to the Bushehr nuke plant)/(distance between the two quakes)}*(Time interval between the two quakes)
Note that the instances are ubiquitous when two earthquakes occur such that the Bushehr Nuclear Plant is in between the two quake locations.
For example between February 2013 till date there have occurred  swarms of earthquakes in Iran which followed such instances with Bushehr sandwiched between two quake locations.
See The Nuclear Effect in Causing Earthquakes at the link:
See the hotspots around Bushehr created by the World's dams during the period 24th May 2013 to 12 Jun2013:

The correlation with the dam content changes

On both occasions there were significant accelerations of total daily dam contents just in India’s 30 large electricity producing dams(Total Capacity:
 On 16th April 2013 when the 7.8 MM magnitude damquake occurred on the Iran-Pakistan border region, the acceleration was –2529 MCM/day/day (Million cubic meters per day per day)(Total Contents 61184 MCM). On 24th May 2013 when the 8.3 MM magnitude great damquake occurred in the Sea of Okhotsk,off the Kamchatka Peninsula, it was -2302  MCM/day/day(Total Contents 47065 MCM) . For detailed research work on the issue, refer to

Glaring Lacuna in meeting water needs


Dear Friends:
And now see the diplomats saying that the Iran Nuclear Reactor at Busehr is damaged:
Check this out:
The nuclear effect in causing earthquakes at
The authorities the world over must apply the precautionary principle and shut down nukes the world over.

From: ashok kumar <>
To: "" <>
Sent: Wednesday, April 17, 2013 7:00 AM
Subject: Many Fukushimas courtesy Nuclear Effect of Dams in causing Earthquakes

Re: Islamabad, April 16, 2013
Pakistan bears the brunt of Iran quake by Anita Joshua
These earthquakes are all related to the surge waves of dams and are deadly in their effects.See the truth about dam caused earthquakes by google search for The Nuclear Effect in Causing Earthquakes/Ramaswami Ashok Kumar. Fukushima ongoing catastrophe was caused by dams and repeated earthquakes caused by dams are aggravating the long term effects of the triple meltdowns at Fukushima. Many more Fukushimas are certain because of the cumulative effects of dams.

Is the Kudankulam Nuclear Park Region similarly vulnerable?

Yes, just like any other part of the globe to the effects of the surge waves of the dams of the world, from instant to instant, continuously. Take just one tragic event: The Kovilpatti fire on 11 June 2013:

The blaze started at 140 PM (IST) on 11 June 2013 and raged for more than half an hour. 4 women were charred to death and a nearby parked vehicle was also burnt completely.
Kovilpatti Revenue Divisional Officer T. Kathiresan, who rushed to the site, said the women were engaged in unloading chemical-dipped splints from a container.
They were shifting the material to a vehicle parked close to the container — which was also burnt completely — to transport it to match manufacturing units.”
1340 hrs, the time of occurrence is 0810 hrs UTC.
This event took place in between two earthquakes( caused by dams, by applying the precautionary principle). The surge wave of the dams passed by the Kovilpatti factory creating intense heat where the workers were engaged in the transfer of inflammable material to the transport vehicle and hence contributed to the tragedy. See Table Kovilpatti below:

The acceleration of dam contents was huge on 11th June as can be inferred from that for just 30 dams in India with a total full storage capacity of 238743 MCM: 4649 MCM/day/day, with total dam contents of 46586 MCM on 9th June falling to 42215 MCM on 10th June and rising to 42493 MCM on 11th June 2013.  
From a study of the table above, we are astounded to see that the Kudankulam location is almost there! There are several such earthquake pairs which are occurring again and again(See the EMSC and USGS lists)where Kudankulam location is in between. It is only a matter of time before Kudankulam is affected by these monster surge waves. Rather there have been electrocution cases reported there.Also note this report on Kudankulam also for 11 June 2013 :
And at related location(Ringhals Nuclear Reactor fire on 12 June 2013):

Fire hits Swedish nuke plant near Gothenburg

Published: 12 Jun 13 10:57 CET | Print version
A small fire broke out at the Ringhals nuclear power plant 1 in western Sweden on 12 June 2013,Wednesday morning(9AM local time or 7 hrs UTC), less than a day after the reactor had been restarted.
Location of Ringhals: 
57.25972222  12.11083333
Now 90-12.11083333= 77.88916667
And Location of Kovilpatti has longitude 77.8718!
 Thus applying the precautionary principle the citizens there and all over the world would do well to study this contribution by the World’s dams to impending catastrophes at nuclear plants along with the energy audit and the safety issues including the insoluble nuclear waste disposal problem and take a firm decision now to close down all nukes including both for energy generation and nuclear weapons.  
Mahatma Gandhi(1908) in Hind Swaraj on Modern Civilization's cumulative effects on itself: Given enough time, modern civilization will destroy itself.

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