Tuesday, December 10, 2013


See http://enenews.com/explosion-and-blaze-inside-protected-area-at-u-s-nuclear-plant-in-arkansas-transformer-blows-in-unit-two-causes-fire-that-goes-uncontained-for-90-minutes-loud-ground-shaking-explosion-rep

Explosion and blaze inside protected area at U.S. nuclear plant in Arkansas — Transformer blows in Unit Two, causes fire that was not contained for 1.5 hours — “Loud, ground shaking explosion” reported — Reactor remains shut down, extent of damage unknown (PHOTOS & VIDEO)


The table below shows an extract of damquake data of the USGS. I call earthquakes caused by dams damquakes. I apply the precautionary principle to assert that the earthquakes discussed below are due to dams of the world. The transformer explosion and fire was caused by the constant surge waves being caused by the dams of the world. At the center of gravity of the world's dams at latitude 25, longitude 113, the total weight of all the water masses in the world's reservoirs are constantly changing in tune with the water demand for electricity and other uses. The sum total of these changes are sudden and gigantic and result in constantly changing surge waves of water moments exerted all round the centre of gravity at all points of the earth causing build up of stresses at rocks which get heated up. When these rocks melt the earth's surfaces at the rock melt area suddenly slide past each other to cause earthquakes releasing seismic moments. The vibrations due to the cumulative changing actions of the dams damage the infrastructures of modern civilization. Thus the heat was transmitted via vibrations to the transformer to cause it to explode and catch fire. This vibrations are also resulting in climate change. 
Between the damquake at Barcelona, Philippines and the damquake at Rincon, Peurto Rico, the fire in the transformer occurred as the table below shows, approximately at the time period during which the dam surges were hitting the transformer/reactor area:
The Akansas Nuclear Unit 1 event of steam dump of 31 March 2013 in which many people were injured or killed also was caused by the surge waves of the World's dams:

This phenomenon has repeatedly occurred and repeatedly it has been traced to the cumulative effect of the surge waves of the world's dams. 
See http://collateralsofclimatechange.blogspot.in
for more examples of  favourable instances of the law.



Anonymous said...

"rocks which get heated up ... the heat was transmitted via vibrations to the transformer to cause it to explode and catch fire"? No, the excessive current through the transformer make it explode and catch fire.

"surge waves of water moments"? What does that mean. This whole article is garbage.

Ramaswami Ashok Kumar said...

The terrible anonymity of modern civilization(mc) because of its apparent specializations is causing mc to commit self destruction. It cannot recognise cumulative effects of parts of mc! It cannot see that transformer protection did not act because the current did not exceed the setting? As far as your query and conclusion regarding surge waves of water moments how do you like Love and Rayleigh waves generated by dams? Ar they too anonymous garbage generated by mc?