Sunday, December 29, 2013

The Precautionary Principle: Mass murder by the dams of the world: 26 people charred to death in fire in AC Coach: 27 December 2013

Bangalore-Nanded Express catches fire, at least 23 killed

*At least 23 people, including two children, were charred to death when

an AC coach of Nanded-Bangalore Express caught fire in the district

early today.*

The fire broke out at 3:30 AM at Kothacheravu railway station between

Pennukonda and Dharmavaram stations.

After ruling out all the usual causes like short circuit etc, study also this:

The fire could have been due to the surge waves of dams as they passed from an earthquake in Romania to an earthquake in Canary Isles, Spain Region. See Table 1 below for the analysis. This applies the precautionary principle because of the uncertainties involved.
Note the coincidence of the reported time of fire at Kothacheravu and the time of arrival of the surge wave at the location due to dams as computed . 

The belief in the truth of a law is directly proportional to the number of favourable instances of the law.
Down with modern civilization and its glaring lacunae:
Imperfect knowledge:
To see the separate existences apart;
And seeing them apart, to hold it is the truth.  
For survival in health, instead of omnicide, put in place a normal civilization:
There is true knowledge: Learn thou it is this:
To see one changeless life in all the lives;
In the separate, the inseparable.
Outlaw nukes, outlaw GMOs, outlaw modern civilization.

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