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Zanskar Valley destroyed by artificial dam burst on 7 May 2015 at 240 UTC. Modern civilization is continuing its Khudkushi(self


By R. Ashok Kumar,B.E.,M.E., Negentropist, Bombay Sarvodaya Mandal, 299, Tardeo Road, Nana Chowk, Mumbai-400007.

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The reduced flow into Nimmo Bazgo Hydro Plant led to the landslide discovery.
The Dam 10000 km above MSL high on the Himalayas on the Indus:

The Himalayan Setting at Alchi(34 12'55",77 11'06") on the Indus to the landslide on the Phutkal River near village Marshun(33 17'25",77 17'6.8"):

A Look at the analysis:

The picture: The land slid  and formed an artificial dam at the center of the picture. See the second picture below for the site of artificial dam on the river Phutkal.

How did the world’s dams cause the artificial dam break?

The World’s dams caused the earthquakes 200 km around the Zanskar Valley location of the dam-burst to dance in synchrony with the world’s earthquakes. Instead of causing the quake the dams may cause landslides and artificial dams across rivers and break them later causing great destruction; see the synchrony here:

Refer to the following Table and the Table above: In the process of  a world dam surge wave of 100 BCM dam content change passing from a quake in the New Britain Region to a quake in Oklahoma it hit the Zanskar Valley artificial dam location at the time  2:29:20 UTC and the dam broke at 240 UTC some ten to eleven minutes after the dam surge arrival. The surge was potentially capable of causing a sinking of 140 m by application of a 1 sec power of 137336 terawatts(The entire power generation capacity of the world is of the order of 6 terawatts . And this explains the dam brake.

The landslide dam was detected because of reduced inflow into the Indus River on which the Nimmoo Bazgo Run of River Hydro plant is located. See the details of the location of the HEP at

See a report on the landslide at

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