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This is one more instance of khudkushi(self suicide!) by modern civilization through the instantaneous simultaneous surges applied to points on the globe by the world's dams. The number of earthquakes in the pre dam era are only 1 to 2 % of the number in the dam era 1900 AD and beyond. Those who think plate tectonics pushed India into Asia to cause the quakes must ponder their flights of fancy:
"India supposedly detached itself from Antarctica sometime during the Mesozoic, and then drifted northeastward up to 9,000 km, over a period of up to 200 million years, until it finally collided with Asia in the mid-Tertiary, pushing up the Himalayas and the Tibetan Plateau. That Asia happened to
have an indentation of approximately the correct shape and size and in exactly the right place for India to “dock” into would amount to a remarkable coincidence (Mantura, 1972). There is, however, overwhelming geological and paleontological
evidence that India has been an integral part of Asia since Proterozoic or earlier time (Ahmad, 1990; Chatterjee and Hotton, 1986; Meyerhoff et al., 1991; Saxena and Gupta, 1990). There is also abundant evidence that the Tethys Sea in the region of the present Alpine-Himalayan orogenic belt was never a deep, wide ocean but rather a narrow, predominantly shallow, intracontinental seaway (Bhat, 1987; Dickins, 1987, 1994c; McKenzie,1987; Stöcklin, 1989). If the long journey of India had actually occurred, it would have been an isolated island continent for millions of years—sufficient time to have evolved a highly distinct endemic fauna. However, the Mesozoic and Tertiary faunas show no such endemism but indicate instead
that India lay very close to Asia throughout this period, and not to Australia and Antarctica (Chatterjee and Hotton, 1986). The stratigraphic, structural, and paleontological continuity of India with Asia and Arabia means that the
supposed “flight of India” is no more than a flight of fancy."
----Pratt in Journal of Scientific Exploration, Vol. 14, No. 3, pp. 307–352, 2000

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